2017-07-25 Recovery Day 141

Today turned out better than yesterday. Getting up I felt no upper leg/buttocks and foot pain. As to my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain is was barely notable. I helped with preparing Breakfast which resulted in my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain to show up. I rested in my recliner to reduce the pain, which did not work. After an hour I took my regiment of morning pills. Shortly after taking them I started to have some stomach cramps.

Like yesterday, the cramps become stronger so I decided to go upstarts to get some better rest. I also took some Zofran which help enough to have something for lunch. I stayed downstairs to continue my rest to get better for my chemo session in the afternoon. The chemo session went off without a hitch. this was my last chemo (Carfilzomib) session. All that is left for this last cycle is the daily Revlimid until Sunday.

Getting back home, I noticed that the only pain I have is my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain, which is more of a discomfort than pain. After dinner, we watch a movie, “Gods of Egypt”, I still had to get up every 45 to 60 minutes to make sure that no other pain showed up. It must be my lucky evening as no other pain surfaced.

Based on today’s afternoon and evening, I am hopeful that over the 2 weeks my pain issues shall have become manageable. If not, we must look somewhere else, but let’s leave this until we get there.

That’s it for today, the next few days are to rest and finish some outstanding businesses, like my root canal. After that I will get ready for the stem cell transplant, starting first with the stem cell collection last week of August.