2017-07-26 Recovery Day 142

Today turned out very good, even with the many activities. Maybe we are reaching a turning point. Getting up I felt no upper leg/buttocks and foot pain, even my shoulder-back-shoulder pain is was barely notable. My first activity was to help with preparing Breakfast. This is becoming a regular routine. I enjoyed some FaceTime with Don and Ray afterwards, just before going to the Dentist for a root canal. They found a crack in the tooth which requires a post to be put in. This will be done next week together with the preparation for the crown.

The root canal work did put some stress on my shoulder-back-shoulder pain which required some rest after getting back home. Getting home the tree cutting guys were already pruning the tree. So I rested outside, in my special lawn chair, to make sure that they did it right. As always they did it even better than last time. After they left, I went upstairs to rest for the upcoming Physical Therapy later this afternoon.

The rest was doing good on my shoulder-back-shoulder pain reducing it to a pain level 5. Because of the stress from the root canal work the PT session was limited to some light exercises for strengthen my lumbar, spine and core. I also got some new exercises for homework.

That’s it for today, it was so far the best day even with the pain issues during the day. The next few days will tell if the various pain location will decrease or increase in pain level.