2017-07-28 Recovery Day 144

2017-07-28 Recovery Day 144

No two days are every the same. Today things turned out different again. Getting up I felt no upper leg/buttocks and foot pain, even my shoulder-back-shoulder pain is was barely notable. My first activity was to help with preparing Breakfast. This is becoming a regular routine again. After Dianne and Denise left for work, I went upstairs to my office to continue trying to sort things out. For most of the morning I was busy with trying to figure out how to arrange my office, now that I have retired from my standards work. Ray was able to get through to me for our daily FaceTime session.

Since today is Friday, it was time for the Premonus Lunch. Larry arrived early, given me some time to chat with him. The rest, Greg and Bill arrived a few minutes late. Besides eating our lunch, we update each other about what we have been doing since our last lunch. However, in the end we ended up talking about politics.

After the guys leave, I noticed that my shoulder-back-shoulder pain surfaced again. I therefore retired to my recliner again with an ice pack, which help a bit with the pain. By 3:45 PM Dianne took me down to the PT department for my PT session. Returning home, I again retired with my ice pack getting ready to enjoy dinner.

That’s it for today, it was a better a day even with the pain issues during the day. The next few days will tell if the various pain location will decrease or increase in pain level.

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