2017-07-29 Recovery Day 145

Another weekend is here, like the last one, being Saturday, Dianne and I got up early to go to the local café for breakfast. Afterwards, we went to our local Super Store to get some necessary items for the weekend and week to come. Arriving back home, I went across the street to talk with our neighbors, Cory and Gary. I am going into this much detail to set the stage that with all this activity, the only pain I encountered was my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain. A sign that things are starting to get better. After an hour talking with Gary, I return home to rest in the backyard since my shoulder pain just got to high.

I stayed outside for lunch until it got to hot at which time I went inside. After awhile I decided to go to my office upstairs to start sorting my stuff out. At first I felt no pain, but soon my shoulders and lower back acted up again with pain, forcing me to stop and go back downstairs to relax for the rest of the day.

That’s it for today, it was a better a day even with the pain issues during the day. My frequent readers will have noticed that lately every day is a better day then the one before. This is true, not just a saying.