2017-07-30 Recovery Day 146

Today is not only Sunday, but also my last day of chemo. What is left is the last pill of Revlimid. Starting tomorrow, no more chemo, be it BMO or via infusion. Now my system needs to get rid of all the chemo stuff over the next four weeks. The reason being that in four weeks I start the stem cells collection. By having cleaned out most chemo stuff there will be more good stem cells for collection.

Over the next four weeks I will not only be busy with my Physical Therapy exercises, but also other health related issues, such as my root canal and vision (eyes). Better now, then wait only to run in to complications during my 3 weeks stem cell transplant.

Today was a good day, in the morning I only encountered my shoulder-back-shoulder pain. I spend most of the time outside relaxing. After Lunch I spend some time upstairs in my office sorting things out. Now that I have retired from Standards work, there is much material that I no longer need, other material is outdated. I admit that I am surprised by how much stuff I have collected over the years, most of it has no value to me any more, other then for sentimental attachment.

That’s it for today, it was a got a day. The pain has been kept to a minimum during the day. I am very positive that this trend will continue, paying the way for for the next phase, the stem cell collection and transplant.