2017-07-31 Recovery Day 147

Today is the first day without chemo. Now I need to get rid of all the chemo stuff in my system over the next four weeks. I also need to work on my back pain with Physical Therapy. In other words, the next 4 weeks are not vacation, but hard work.

The morning was a good way to start my new priorities. I prepared breakfast for Dianne and me without any pain. Afterwards I had a good Skype session with Jürgen. However, during the Skype session my lower back pain surfaced. By the end the Skype call the back pain was at a pain level of 8. During the wait for Dianne to drive me to the Physical Therapy, my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain also became noticeable, special the right side, which is a first.

My scheduled Physical Therapy session was a good one, working on my back pain, using two new exercises. I also received some soft tissue manipulation which lowered my pain level. My next PT is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Returning home, I rested for awhile before preparing my lunch.

After lunch, I went to my backyard with my laptop to FaceTime with Paul and sort all the mail I got. By the end of these activities the outside temperature just got to hot for staying outside, I therefore went back inside to rest. The resting must have been very good since I fell asleep, waking up when Dianne got home.

Today was another good day. I am looking forward to tomorrow, hoping for another good day, which includes a visit to my dentist for the crown preparation. The rest of the day is all for me, nothing else on the schedule. More about that, tomorrow.