2017-08-01 Recovery Day 148

Today was a very busy morning. After getting up, having breakfast, it was time to get ready for my FaceTime call with Ray and Skype call with Francois before my Dentist appointment. However, Francois was not online for our Skype call. As to my pain, the only pain I had so far was my shoulder-back-shoulder pain, which was a good start for the day.

At 8:45 Dianne picked me up for my 9:15 appointment at the Dentist. The work to be done was to put a post into the tooth that got a root canal done. The reason being that the tooth has a crack and the dentist felt that adding a post would strengthening it, providing additional support to the tooth not relying on the crown alone. After the post work was done, the next work item was to put a temporally crown on. Together, the time I spend lying in the dentist chair was 2 hours resulting in my pain level for my shoulder-back-shoulder pain to increase quite a bit.

Getting back home, I rested for an hour before I had my lunch. The freezing in my mouth started to wear out, so I decided to rest again. It turned out that I rested for most of the afternoon. I took a break around lunch time to have lunch. Afterwards, I watch some TV, but it was hard to concentrate as I dozed of constantly. I finally wend upstairs to rest and sleep.