2017-08-03 Recovery Day 150

This morning was very different from the last few mornings. For starters my shoulder-back-shoulder pain and upper leg/buttocks and foot pain were back. I was able to prepare breakfasts for Dianne and me, but that was it, I had to go and rest right afterwards. One of the things I do every day after having prepared the breakfasts, is to take my vitals. Today my temperature was at 100.4F, which is considered a light fever. Taking some Tylenol got the temperature down but I still have stomach pains. However, it did not stop me from having my weekly Skype session with Francois.

After my Skype session with Francois, I did the watering of our flowers in the backyard. I guess that was too much, as my pain level had increased. I therefore rested all morning and the beginning of the afternoon. I slowly recovered from my stomach pains, just in time to go with Dianne grocery shopping. Getting back home, I needed to rest again, not only because of my energy level being low, but also since my temperature was at 99.1F.

When the time for dinner came, I was not hungry as my stomach did not feel good. Even with resting I only had the energy to finish this post.

In summary, today was not good day, there were the issue of lack of energy, stomach problems and higher pain levels for the known pain location. I am looking forward to tomorrow, hoping for a good day!