2017-08-04 Recovery Day 151

Today’s morning is almost a repeat of yesterday’s morning. My shoulder-back-shoulder, upper leg/buttocks and foot pain were back. I prepare breakfast for Dianne and me, however my stomach suddenly felt not good. Taken my temperature, showed a slight fever again. Taking some Tylenol got the temperature down, however I still have my stomach queasiness. Taking a Zofran took care of that.

After my stomach settled down, I rested another 15 minutes before going out in to our backyard to do some spiderweb cleanup. since the outside temperature was not to bad, 82F with a light breeze of up to 5.0 mph, I used the lawn chair to rest for awhile until my FaceTime session with Ray. After my chat with Ray I stayed outside until noon.

At noon, Larry and Bill came by for our weekly luncheon. The outside temperature was still OK for us to eat outside and chat about old and new topics. After they left, I stayed inside as it got to hot outside. My energy level was very low, so I decided to rest in my recliner, starting to write this post and watching some TV. Dieter, Renee and Carsten arrive in the evening to stay with us for the weekend.

We enjoyed dinner together before I went upstairs to rest because my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain would not go away.

In summary, today was a so-so day, there were the issues of lack of energy and upper leg/buttocks and foot pain. On the positive side, the lunch with my fellow Premonus co-workers was very good. I am looking forward to tomorrow, hoping for a good day with Dieter, Renee and Carsten!