2017-08-05 Recovery Day 152

There is not much to write about today’s morning. The only pain I had was the shoulder-back-shoulder pain. In addition to the pain I did have at the start of the morning some stomach pain and dizziness, both disappeared shortly after breakfast. After breakfast I spend some time outside in the lawn chair enjoying the early sunshine and light breeze. After about an hour Dieter and I took our new car for an oil change and checking out some of the Dealers new cars. After returning home, I help Dieter and Dianne fix a few things around the house. This kept us busy until Lunch.

After lunch I watch the DFL-Supercup featured Borussia Dortmund, the winners of the 2016–17 DFB-Pokal, and Bayern Munich, the winners of the 2016–17 Bundesliga and holders of the competition. Bayern Munich won the DFL-Supercup 5–4 on penalties following a 2–2 draw after 90 minutes for their sixth title. After the game I walked around a bit as my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain had come back again. However, instead of getting better, the pain only increased. I therefore, return back to my recliner chair, with my legs alleviated and ice on my foot.

For the rest of the afternoon I stayed in my recliner watch Harry Potter with Carsten and the rest of the family. For dinner we had ordered a few pizzas, turning the evening into a real movie night.

In summary, today was another so-so day, thanks to my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain. On the positive side, having Dieter, Renee and Carsten here for a visit the lunch with my fellow Premonus co-workers was very good. I am looking forward to tomorrow, hoping for a good day with Dieter, Renee and Carsten!