2017-08-06 Recovery Day 153

Like yesterday there is not much to write as it is a repeat of yesterday, with only the pain being different. The only pain I had this morning was the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain. In addition to the pain, I did have at the beginning of the morning some stomach pain and dizziness. Both stayed around for most of the morning. Around 10:00 Dianne and I spend some time outside in the lawn chairs enjoying the early sunshine and light breeze. Both helped my stomach pain and dizziness which disappeared. I stayed outside until lunch time.

I had lunch inside as it got to hot outside to stay there. Dieter, Renee and Carsten have left to go home to Stevenson Ranch (Los Angeles), we enjoyed having them here for a visit. I was hoping to be active, helping Dianne, cleaning up a bit, but was faced with dizziness and stomach pain. The only thing that helped was rest, so I rested again watching TV. In addition to to watching TV I also cleaned up my calendar for the next few months.

Now that I have some time, I also started to archive my many documents that I either created myself or collected as part of the many projects I participated in over the last 30 years. This is not a simple project, the problems I have to deal with are the lack of meaningful file names, duplications, file types, and limitations due to different operating systems.

For dinner we had Miso-Butter Salmon & Lo Mein Noodles which we all help preparing. After supper we watched “The Great British Baking Show“.

In summary, today was another so-so day, thanks to my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain. On the positive side, still having Dieter, Renee and Carsten here in the morning was very good. They helped my mind to forget my pain and dizziness for a few hours.