2017-08-07 Recovery Day 154

Today is officially day one of no chemo treatment. It is the start of the cleansing period before the stem cell collection. I also hope that it is the start of the chemo medication’s side effects are slowly disappearing.

Like the days before my shoulder-back-shoulder, upper leg/buttocks and foot pains give me all the problem from moving around freely. Sometimes, right after getting up in the morning, I encounter dizziness that requires me to take Meclizine. In addition, in the early morning I sometimes are faced with stomach pains which go away with taking Zofran.

Today the biggest problem was with my left foot and right hip (upper leg/buttocks). In the morning it was not to bad, I was able to go upstairs in to my office and have a FaceTime session with Ray. However, trying to move around and clean up became difficult as the pain took over. I returned back downstairs to put ice on the pain location and rest.

I spend most of the afternoon and evening resting, with getting up every hour to walk a bit. I also was able to have a FaceTime call with Kenji. We had not talked for awhile, connecting today was great. Hopefully we can get back to our weekly calls.

In summary, today was another so-so day, thanks to my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain. On the positive side I was able to connect via FaceTime with Kenji and Ray. Further, I am very positive in my outlook that very soon the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain will be gone now that I am no longer take any chemo medication. As to my surgery pain (shoulder-back-shoulder), this is another subject since the pain is controlled by my activities, which includes Physical Therapy. That’s it for today!