2017-08-08 Recovery Day 155

Today started of totally different. After getting up and going downstairs I felt dizziness that forced me to sit down. Minutes later I also encountered stomach crams. I took some Zofran hoping for the stomach pains to go away. After Dianne went to work I decided to go back upstairs to rest. By 8:00 AM my dizziness was gone and my stomach pain was almost gone, I started to feel better. I had my Skype call with Francois and afterwards I went downstairs.

The outside temperature was not to high so I spent the rest of the morning outside. First I went for a short 20 minute walk up and down our street. Afterwards I went in to our backyard to rest in one of the lawn chairs until lunch. On the pain side, I still felt the shoulder-back-shoulder pain at the same level as for the last few days. As for my upper leg/buttocks and foot pains the are almost gone after the first few steps, but are coming back after walking for about 10 minutes.

Around 2:00 PM my dizziness returned, so I took a Meclizine pill and rested for awhile. By 3:00 my dizziness was gone and I was able to walk with almost no pain. However, if I walk and move too much my shoulder-back-shoulder pain level will be very high. It seems my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain was subject to the medication, whereas my shoulder-back-shoulder pain is from the spine surgery. I need to restrict the time I walk and move around to not activate the shoulder-back-shoulder pain. I am sure that over the next few weeks I will have little if any shoulder-back-shoulder pain.

In summary, today was a very different day. First I had to deal with my dizziness and stomach pain. Once that was under control, I had to work on my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain by not walking too much. By restricting my time the pain level will stay low and hopefully in a few days it will be gone all together.

As to my surgery pain (shoulder-back-shoulder), this is another subject since the pain is controlled by my activities, which includes Physical Therapy. Today I over did it because of walking to much. I have to figure out how to control my activities to benefit from the fact that my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain are almost gone. Over doing it with walking to much will trigger a very high shoulder-back-shoulder pain level. That’s it for today!