2017-08-09 Recovery Day 156

I don’t know what it is, but every day turns out different then envisioned. Today was to be somewhat busy, in the morning Physical Therapy and at lunch a visit from a Electrician to add an outdoor outlet close to where our lawn chairs are. It started of not to bad, helping with breakfast, that is when it started, back pain and some pain in my right upper leg/buttocks area. I was sure I could get rid of it long before leaving for the PT. I was wrong, the pain got worse, so bad that I had to retire with an ice back upstairs.

The good news, by lunch my upper leg/buttocks pain level has dropped below acceptable. I therefore I went back downstairs for lunch as well waiting for the Electrician. He was a bit late, but not a problem since I was going nowhere. Around 2:00 PM Ray let me know that he had a few minutes for a FT call. He was surprised to learn about my bad morning since based on last nights report he was sure today would be as good if not better then yesterday. It was a short call since Ray wanted to get to bed soon.

The rest of the day was spend resting, trying to get my back (shoulder/back/shoulder) pain under control with ice. Around 4:00 PM dizziness returned so I took a Meclizine pill. I also felt a bit of stomach quizzyness, which did not last long. I had a good supper and what afterwards some TV with the family.

In summary, today was another very different day – different then I every could have imagine. So instead of writing down what I am hoping tomorrow will bring, I will leave it to the powers to be.