2017-08-10 Recovery Day 157

Today’s report is rather short. The morning started with stomach pain that lasted to about 8:00 AM. Which was great since it was the time for our team call. Shortly after the team call the dizziness came back, followed by stomach quizzyness. It ended with me having to vomit and resting afterwards. Not a good start!

There was however some good news. My morning sickness was over by 10:30 AM, allowing me to go with Dianne for a lunch at Big Break Regional Shoreline. It was great to spend some time with the staff and volunteers. For those who did not read my early posts or have forgotten, I spend the end of January and beginning of February in attending the Docent training for the Big Break Regional Shoreline. When I became aware of having MM, I reevaluated my life’s priorities, and number three is to volunteer as much as possible as Big Break Regional Shoreline docent.

After the lunch we went back home. I spend most of the afternoon resting, actually it was listen for the doorbell since I expected a delivery that needed a signature. It finally came around 4:00 PM. After that I spend some time outside in the backyard before going back inside for dinner.

In summary, today was another different day – but was it different? Thinking about it, many of the things (pain) that happened, happened before but in a different order (time of the day). I am ready for tomorrow, let’s see what the day brings.