2017-08-11 Recovery Day 158

Today’s morning was almost the same as yesterday’s. The morning started with stomach pain that lasted to about 8:00 AM. Shortly after the stomach pain was gone, dizziness showed up for about an hour, followed by stomach quizzyness. It ended around 10:30 AM. Not the start I had be hoping for.

My morning sickness was over just in time for a FaceTime call with Ray. After talking to Ray it was time to get ready for the Premonus lunch.

At noon, Larry, Bill and Greg came by for our weekly luncheon. We updated each other about what we have been doing since our last lunch, but as always, we ended up talking about politics. Today we had to end our lunch a bit early since my Physical Therapy was scheduled early then normally.

Today’s PT was very physical, I am sure that by tomorrow I will feel every muscle in my back. As the saying goes, no pain – no gain. My next PT session is next Wednesday. After the PT we went back home. I spend most of the afternoon resting.

In summary, today was not a bad day, even with the not so good morning. I am ready for what tomorrow brings.