2017-08-12 Recovery Day 159

Today was good day! The morning started of with almost no dizziness and little bit of stomach quizziness. Both were not enough to stop me to go out for breakfast with Dianne and Denise. After breakfast I had to go to my Eye Examine appointment. Since my vision change a bit and I felt good, no upper leg/buttocks pain, we decided to go and get our new eye glasses ordered. I said we, because Dianne and Denise also had their eyes checked a few weeks before me. I too had an appointment when thy had theirs, but had to cancel mine because of pain related problems that day.

Dianne and I went after getting our eye glasses order to Trader Joe’s before returning home for lunch. After lunch I went with Dianne to our local Home Improvement store to get a few things. Returning home we checked out the parts we got only to find out one of them was to short. We returned back to the store to get the correct part. Since we were out we stopped by at our local Office Supply store.

After returning home I rested for awhile recovery from all the activities today. What is interesting to note, I encounter only some shoulder-back-shoulder pain, which I could manage by sitting down. Overall this was a good day, if all days from now on are like this I am convinced that the shoulder-back-shoulder pain will slowly disappear as well.

That’s it for today, it was the best day so far even with the shoulder-back-shoulder pain during the day. The next few days will tell if the pain locations will decrease or increase in pain level.