2017-08-13 Recovery Day 160

Today was the day, the best day of my recovery. Hardly any signs of morning sickness (dizziness and quizziness), just some shoulder-back-shoulder pain when I do to much. The day started of with a good breakfast and a 20 minute walk afterwards along the front of our house. After that I spend a few hours resting in the backyard. The rest of the morning I spend in my office sorting to a pile of paper work. Looking at the pile, it does not look like I made any progress in my task, but I know I did. Not to over do it, I quit at lunch time.

After lunch I spend some time on Denise’s new iPhone adding mail accounts, syncing between her iPad and Mac. It took more time then I had estimated resulting in an increase in my shoulder-back-shoulder pain level. The cure was to rest again in my recliner and watching a movie. After that we all helped prepare dinner and enjoyed watching another movie before calling it a day.

That’s it for today, it was the best day, better then yesterday, which I declared as the best so far. Have we reached the turning point? We will find out by the end of this week, since this week every day will have a appointment for something.