2017-08-14 Recovery Day 161

Today was a good day with a slow start in the morning. I did have a bit of the morning sickness (dizziness and quizziness) which lasted to about 8:00 AM. After some breakfast I walked for about 20 minutes. For the rest of the day all I had was the shoulder-back-shoulder pain which came at various levels.

The most important event for today was the visit to my doctor at the local cancer center in the afternoon for the results of the bone marrow test. When I was first diagnosed with MM the bone marrow test at the time showed a 80% present of plasma that attacked the bone. The results from the test 10 days ago showed a reduction down to 10% of plasma present. This is great news as it clears the way for stem cell transplant.

That’s it for today, it was the good day for two reasons, the reduction of the pain levels and locations and the excellent result of the bone marrow test. Tomorrow Dianne and I will be visiting UCSF for a consultation meeting to be advised about the details of the upcoming stem cell transplant. We know about the dates for the stem cell collection and transplant, but there is much more we need to become aware of. It will be an interesting meeting tomorrow.