2017-08-15 Recovery Day 162

Today was a good day because the only pain I had was the shoulder-back-shoulder pain which came in various pain levels. I also had no the morning sickness (dizziness and quizziness). However, we did have a eventful day since we had a appointment with UCSF in San Francisco. The appointment was to tell as the details about our upcoming Stem Cell collection and transplant. However, as we found out there was much more to it.

For starters I was also scheduled for some blood work and a visit with a social worker before my appointment with my doctor. Both the blood work and social worker were no problem. The fun started with my doctor. She was concerned about the plasma levels, one that was 10% and 13%. Had both been 10% she would not be to concert, but with one being 13% she wants me to undergo a special chemo session before the collection.

The problem is that this chemo session upsets the current scheduling for the collection and transplant. To be more specific, it is about changing the hotel reservation. There are no many hotels around the UCSF Medical Center. Checking the availability for the new dates shows that they are all booked. So now they are trying to work around the current hotel date, which creates another problem, not much time, especially if the insurance company takes it time to approve the additional procedure. It’s a catch 22, we can’t move things around, such as the hotel booking, until we get confirmation from the insurance company. Tomorrow will be a interesting day!