2017-08-19 Recovery Day 166

Today started off without any problems. We had the free breakfast at the motel, it was not much, but enough for us. Since our appointment was not until 10:00 we had enough time to get ready. Since the most time we would spend here I was able to reduce our things to pack-up and take. I am so glad that the laptop I purchased not long ago was the 14 inch MacBook, the size, weight and functionally is just perfect. Not to much nor to not enough. By the time we were ready to go, the taxi was here to take us to UCSF MD at Parnassus.

The registration was quick and this time, because we would be here only for a few hours, we choose a chemo chair close to the window, instead of a small but private room with a bed. There is not much to report, I got hooked up within minutes and after 2:00 all was done.

Before being discharge, we provided with Neupogen injections to start administrating them starting Wednesday @ 7:00 PM for now with no end date. Neupogen is a Bone marrow stimulant
It can help the body make white blood cells after receiving cancer medications. It can also improve survival in people who have been exposed to radiation.

In addition starting Monday I will start with Antibiotics to prevent infections since I have no immune system. These medications are in addition to the pills I already take.

In addition I now have been advice that I can not go outside nor have guests come to me house since as I mention before, my immune system has been ripped out. Once the transplant is completed and my immune system has been rebuild I am allowed to mingle with the outside and be with people again.

That’s is for today. I am ready for bed, more tomorrow.