2017-08-20 Recovery Day 167

Today started off like yesterday without any problems. The night was good as I was able to fulfill the medical requirement to get up every 3 hours in order to flush my system from the chemo and other medication fluids.

We had again the free breakfast at the motel, it still was not much, but enough for us. We had already pack most of our stuff last night, all there was left to do was to pack the last few things and take them down to the car and start our drive back home.

Once home I settled in to my new routine for the next 8 days after which my stem cell collection will should start. I say should start, because it all depends on my CBC numbers on Wednesday and Friday. The the white blood cells count should be, around 3.4. If it is lower, the time schedule will change. Right now my number are low because of the chemo. The Neupogen injections I will start on Wednesday, are Bone marrow stimulants to help my body to make white blood cells after receiving cancer medications.

For the next 8 days I will be home bond to avoid contact with anything that can infect me. To help I will start on Monday taken Antibiotics to prevent infections since I have no immune system. There goes for now my Friday lunching with Bill, Greg and Larry.

That’s is for today. I am ready for bed, more tomorrow.