2017-08-21 Recovery Day 168

Today was a rough day, not sure how it happen, all I know my system was out of wack. It all started after waking up. Before that I had a good night sleep getting up every 3 hours to relieve myself of the chemo fluids in my system. Things changed when it was time to wake up. I just fell asleep agin. I was able to have a short FaceTime call with Ray before I had the energy to get out of bed.

There is not much I can remember what I did today. For most part of the day it was take the medication, stay awake, take a 20 minute wake, relieve myself of the chemo fluids. As the afternoon approached my head started to clear a it, allowing me to review my schedule for this week in preparation for the coming week which is stem cell collection. There is still a lot that will need to be done depending on blood test. More about that tomorrow, assuming my head is much clearer by then.

Sorry for the short report, but that is all I can remember.