2017-08-22 Recovery Day 169

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I got up had breakfast, after that I went for my short walk in front of our house. After that I started to contact some of my family and friends via Skype or FaceTime. I spoke to Francois, Ray, Hannelore, Peter and Don. Before I know it, it was lunch time. What a difference compared with yesterday. I was full of energy in the morning, I even went for a second walk after lunch.

After returning from my second walk I cleaned up a bit downstairs, getting ready for next week. However, there was a side effect to all of this, I ran out of energy. All that walking and moving around in the house, took its toll. Just like yesterday, I start to suddenly doze off for 10, 20 minutes catnaps. Things improved after dinner which allowed me to watch some TV without falling asleep minutes later.

Again, there is not much to report as things at the moment are the same each day. Tomorrow evening things may change after I start with my Neupogen Injections. That’s it for today.