2017-08-23 Recovery Day 170

So how was today? Simple answer, almost like yesterday. After breakfast I went outside to relax a bit. Since Monday was a bad day for me I had skip calling Jürgen, so I decided to call him. During the call I noticed that our fountain was not working because of a lack of water. After the call with Jürgen I got up and filled the fountain, and since I had the water house on, I decided to water all the flowers and bird baths.

After I was done watering I sat back down to rest for a bit longer. Shortly after sitting down I got a FaceTime call Ray. I was a short call because his tram arrived to take him home. After that I went for my short walk in front of our house. Afterwards I had lunch and started to put together my stuff I needed to go for my CBC blood test later on. It was then that I suddenly felt dizziness and quizzyness again. I took the medication and rested until Dianne came to take me for the CBC Blood Test. All went well, the first set of numbers are in the expected range. Next test will be on Friday, let’s hope for the best.

After getting back home I rested some more since for the last few days my energy level in the afternoon is rather low. Things looked a bit better after dinner, just in time to start my Neupogen Injections.

That’s it for today, I should have more to write about tomorrow if what people have been saying about the side effects of Neupogen is true.