2017-08-24 Recovery Day 171

Today was just another day for getting ready for the stem cell collection next week. In the morning I had a Skype session with Francois and Paul catching up with the whole process I am undergoing this week and how the stem cell collection will work, assuming that the white cell count is in range on Monday. A little bit later I had a short Face Time call with Ray. One topic we had was the possibility of connecting next week. Since UCSF has a guest network that covers every corner of their area that should not be a problem, assuming that there are no restrictions for safety reasons.

Close to lunch I had a visit at my dentist to fit my final crown. It was a bit out of the ordinary since I had to take precautionary measurers to ensure that I did not catch any bugs from anyone. The dentist’s employees where very accommodating since they all are wearing masks and gowns, and the had made sure that there was no customers in my way when I entered and left.

Getting back from the dentist Dianne stayed for lunch before she returned for work. Like yesterday it was after lunch that I suddenly felt dizziness and quizzyness again. I took the medication and rested until Dianne came home. Things looked better which was great since it was time for Dianne to give me my three Neupogen Injections. Dianne has become a real pro in administrating the injections with out any pain for me. Regarding the side effects of Neupogen, so far I have not encountered any of them.

That’s it for today, it is dinner time followed by watching TV and family time.