2017-08-25 Recovery Day 172

Today seemed to be a good day. I started in the morning with watering the flowers. After that I cleaned up the many spider webs. I had planned after this to clean up my office but instead I had to sit down and rest because of suddenly feeling dizziness and quizzyness again. I had a FaceTime call with Ray talking about the process I will undergo in the next few days. Afterwards it was time to have lunch and to get ready to put together my stuff I needed to go for my CBC blood test later on.

Dianne arrive soon after lunch to take me to the local cancer center for the CBC test. Before I provide the numbers, I need to correct myself. What USCF wants to know today is how “low” did the White Blood Count (WBC) drop since Wednesday, before we started to inject Neupogen. Here are the WBC numbers, including the last test from the end of the chemo injections in July:

24 July – 2.9
23 August – 2.4
25 August – 0.5

Since the count is so low the test was run twice and I had to see the doctor on call, my regular doctor was off.

She explained that this is good and nothing to worry about. Being this low shows that almost all the toxic cells are gone and now the Neupogen can kick in to generate new baby cells which is what we want to collect. The only question is, will the count on Monday be satisfactory for UCSF or not. With the count this low by Monday there will be lots of good white cells, and the count should not play to much of a concern. Had the number be higher and Monday’s count is just above 3.5, the case could be made to wait for a higher number.

There are many factors that are taken into account, not just one. That is why there is no real number cast in stone. I guess we will wait to Monday to see what the next step is.

Getting back home I started feeling again dizziness and quizzyness. So instead cleaning my office, I went down stairs to rest. At the end of mid-afternoon Dianne gave me my three Neupogen Injections. Regarding the side effects of Neupogen, they started to kick in later in the evening. What are they, so far it is only bone pain. Only does not mean that’s all, because every bone in my body is aching. I was told by UCSF that this would be happen and it is a good sign that the Neupogen is working. Let’s hope that this is true.
That’s it for today, I will be watching a bit TV before going to bed.