2017-08-26 Recovery Day 173

Getting up today I still was faced with pain through out my body. After breakfast I took all my morning pills and rested a bit before going out with Dianne for my morning walk. After returning from our walk, Dianne cut my hair outside in our backyard. Since my pain had returned I went inside and watched Bayern beat Bremen 2:0, which I had recorded earlier today. After the game I went outside for a short walk. I returned just in time for lunch.

After lunch I went upstairs to my office to collect the things I need next week, such as my MacBook, iPod and Kindle and all their accessories. Before sorting the parts out in order to pack them up, Dianne and I went for another short walk. Since the outside temperature was getting very hot, 104F, this was our last outside walk for the day. For the afternoon we watch a movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

At mid-afternoon Dianne gave me again my three Neupogen Injections. Yesterday I mention that the side effects, bone pain, of Neupogen kicked in later in the evening. It happen today again. Yesterday the pain lasted trough most of the night. It was not to bad this morning and through the day until I got the injections again this late afternoon.

That’s it for today, I will be watching a bit TV before going to bed. Tomorrow, after lunch I will be moving to San Francisco until coming Friday. Hopefully on Monday my White Blood Count (WBC) will be high enough so that my first day of stem cell collection will be Tuesday.

One thought on “2017-08-26 Recovery Day 173

  1. Well Klaus, you have come down a weaving and rocky road but managed to get where you needed to go.
    I have been following your daily posts and continue to hold positive thoughts for your stem cell collection.
    You are truly a strong person and with Dianne you two are unbeatable as a team! Not to mention the family that keeps you on the straight and narrow!
    I will be thinking about you this week and hoping that those cells are ready for the next chapter!!!!
    Best of luck…prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way in bushel baskets. :))))

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