2017-08-27 Recovery Day 174

There was not much sleep for me last night as pain got me up almost every hour. So today getting up was no different from yesterday as I still had pain throughout my body. The pain was so bad that I only eat half of my breakfast. For the rest of the morning I rested which helped a bit lowering the pain level. An hour before lunch I packed up Dianne’s and my laptop for our visit at UCSF MC this week this Monday, and hopefully a few more days.

I said hopefully a few more days since it all depends on tomorrows Blood test. If the White Blood Cell count is too low we may have to go back home and start with something else. However, I am hopeful that the count it high enough for us to stay a few days to collect baby white blood cells.

We left for San Francisco after lunch and check in to the hotel around 3:00 PM. We rested for a bit before Dianne gave me again my three Neupogen Injections. After a short rest we went out to go to Whole Foods to get our Dinner. Since I can not be in public places with out a mask, going to restaurants is not practical.

That’s it for today, we watched some TV before going to bed.