2017-08-28 Recovery Day 175

Compared to the night before I had a good sleep. Which is interesting since before going to sleep last night I had a lot of pain. Waking up this morning was the same lots of pain, which got better after breakfast allowing me to walk to the hospital. The walk is about 1/2 mile with the last block going upwards a bit. We left the Hotel around 7:15.

We arrived around 7:45 on time. We checked in and my blood was drawn 30 minutes later. We were told that it takes a bit over an hour for the results. The coordinator came at 9:30 and told us that the count is only 0.6, they expect it to be over 3.0 to go ahead with the collection. What this means is that we will be back tomorrow for another check. We were also told that it takes about 10-11 days for the count to be back up at around 3.0. This bit of information was new to us. BTW, today is only day 9. We decided to go straight back to the hotel.

We decided to move our car from the hotel parking lot to the hospital. The reasons being that the cost is only $7.00 vs $22.00 and overnight parking for more than 72hrs is allowed at the hospital. We therefore drove back to the hospital, had lunch there and walked slowly back to the hotel with the car parked at the hospital’s parking garage.

Back at the hotel I rested and had a FaceTime session each with Ray and Paul. At 3:00 Dianne and I wend downstairs to have some Tea and Biscuit the hotel offers every day. Returning back to our room I received a FaceTime call from Don. WE had a good chat about our current status and how we got here. Around 5:00 the hotel offered wine and cheese. Dianne decided to walk before the Wine and Cheese hour to Amazon’s New Whole Foods. Today is the first day that Whole Foods belongs to Amazon. She found something for dinner which she took back to the hotel. Before returning to our room she went and got some wine and cheese for us. I had only the cheese as I am not allowed to consume alcohol because my medication.

That’s it for today, we had our dinner and watched some TV before going to bed.