2017-08-29 Recovery Day 176

Compared to the night before I had a bad night of sleep. Around midnight I felt a new pain in the Sternum area, and it scared me because of my heart attach history. Waking up this morning I had the same pain, which did not get better after breakfast. Therefore instead of walking to the hospital like yesterday we took a taxi. We arrived around 7:45 on time and registered by 8:00. By 8:35 I got my blood drawn and was told that the results would be available in an hour. BTW, I check with the nurse about the Sternum area pain and was told that I should not worry as this is good news telling us that the Neupogen injections are working.

At 8:46 the results came in, count was 1.8, not high enough. However, the general wisdom is that the count doubles each day, which would make it 3.6, way above the 3.0 which is the minimum. If the wisdom is true for me tomorrow, we would be fine since they expect to collect the 8 million cells in two days, Thursday and Friday. If it takes another day, that no problem either. Dianne was able to convince the hotel to let us stay another day if needed.

Instead of returning back to the hotel we went to the UCSF Library and relaxed in on of their comfortable chair. Dianne went at lunch time out to get us something to eat. We stayed at the library because it was more comfortable for Dianne to get some work done then at the hotel. I found the silence great to relax. I even watch a movie on my laptop. We decided to walk back to the hotel around 2:00 PM.

The walk back was a bit slow since it was windy and I had stopped a few times to rest because of some pain locations flaring up. At 3:00 we went downstairs for Tea and Biscuits again. When we returned back at our room we had a voicemail which informed us that our appointment for the Catheter Placement tomorrow was changed. Instead of going to UCSF Zion we are now going to UCSF Mission Bay. Not a big thing, other then that I did not get an email notifying us of the change. In the past I received email notifications for everything, even my Blood Test results, which I have before my case nurse see it.

At 4:00 Dianne Dianne gave me again my three Neupogen Injections. After a short rest Dianne at 5:00 went downstairs again this time for the hotel’s wine and cheese offering. Just like yesterday Dianne decided to walk first to Whole Foods before the Wine and Cheese hour. She got us some Pizza slices and a Caesar Salad and on the way back to our room she went and got some wine and cheese for us.

That’s it for today, another evening with dinner in bed and watching some TV before going to bed.