2017-08-30 Recovery Day 177

I had a good sleep last night. Waking up this morning I had the same pain which quickly disappeared. However, weather was a bit to cold and windy, we took a taxi agin. We arrived 30 minutes early, got registered, and 10 minutes later my blood was drawn. Normally it takes about 45-60 minutes for the results to be available, today is was less then 30 minutes. The WBC was 7.2, 4 times what it was yesterday and way higher then required to start the white blood cell collection tomorrow.

For today the next step was in the early afternoon the insertion of the catheter. For this we had to take the UCSF shuttle to Mission Bay. The minor surgery took about 40 minutes. After having managed the collection of about 8 million cells the catheter is simply pulled out. Before returning back to the hotel I received 2 injection, one being the by now famous Neupogen. The other was Plerixafor for the stimulation for the bone marrow to generate more stem cells. We will know by tomorrow if it worked.

Like the last 2 days the evening is the same except that Dianne no longer is in charge of the Neupogen injections which is now done by UCSF.

That’s it for today, another evening with dinner in bed and watching some TV before going to bed.