2017-08-31 Recovery Day 178

Last night I did not get much sleep because of the catheter in my neck. After breakfast we took a taxi to the hospital since wanted us early there. I was hooked up to the machine around at 8:30 and collection started at 8:40. Around 10:00 the CBC results came in with my blood count being 30.0 an increase from 7.2 yesterday. At 11:00 the Peripheral Blood count came in at 55.0 vs yesterday’s count of 12.

There is not much to write about being hookup. At 1:45 I reached the maximum collection cycles. The CBC results for the end of the collection were WBC 23.2 down from 30.0 and for Platelet 62 vs 66. Both excellent numbers that should eliminate the need for a blood transfusion tomorrow.

At 4:15 the collect stem cell count came in, it is 5.18 million. The last thing left before we could go home was that I got two injections like last night, one being Neupogen, the other was Plerixafor.

Since the weather was great, still sunshine outside, we walk back to the hotel. For dinner we decided to eat our leftovers and Dianne had a some wine with cheese from the hotel’s free wine and cheese bar.

That’s it for today, another evening with dinner in bed and watching some TV before going to bed.