2017-09-01 Recovery Day 179

Last night I again did not get much sleep because bone pain in both my lower legs and hips. After breakfast we took a taxi to the hospital since the heat and my pains. Today we started we started 15 minutes earlier. The WBC 36.9, Peripheral Blood count 48 and Platelet Count 53 good enough for the collection.

There is not much to write everything went as it should, my final number came in as, White Blood Count 27.2 and Platelet Count 44.

Today’s cell collect, 4.29 Million, total 9.47 Million.

There was no need to have the Neupogen and Plerixafor injections. Instead I got some platelets transfusion since the final count was a bit low and adding some it helps blood to clot to prevent possible bleating. In my case the hole left after the removal of the catheter.

We took a taxi back to the hotel since the temperature was still very high at 96F, the high for today which is a new record was 106F. We had a light dinner with Dianne enjoying a glass of free wine from the hotel’s free wine and cheese bar.

That’s it for today, another evening with dinner in bed and watching some TV before going to bed. Hopefully we will be able to sleep in this heat, since the hotel, like most in San Francisco, don’t have air conditions.