2017-09-02 Recovery Day 180

Last night I did get some sleep. The plan last night was that if I felt better, we would have breakfast downstairs, instead of Dianne bringing up each morning. Waking up I had pain in many of my body, also my stomach did not feel to good, so we had breakfast in bed again. After breakfast we drove back home.

Getting back home I rested since my pain and stomach pain did not get better. As it turned out, the pains continued all day. I took all my medication, including Dilaudid. I did all the things that work earlier to reduce the pain level, such as walking. Nothing worked because of the last two days sitting for 7 hours during the cell collection and the additional new medications. All these wore my very low energy body even more out. The only good news is that these new medication were only taken this week in preparation for and during the cell collection.

In the afternoon Dianne changed the dressing on my neck where the catheter entry was. The only thing that I could do after that rest some more since the pain lever did not go down.

That’s it for today, I will continue watching some TV before going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.