2017-09-03 Recovery Day 181

It is so nice to sleep in one’s own bed. Getting up this morning was a bit hard because the overnight temperatures did not drop much as we had hoped for. After breakfast Dianne and I went for a walk before the heat came back. Returning from the walk I took my morning set of medication. By 9:00 my back pain came back, I therefore took a Dilaudid. Lucky for me so far no dizziness nor stomach pain have shown up. The rest of the morning I rested as ordered by my UCSF team. I did get up every hour to walk off my leg stiffness. Until noon when my back pain came back.

There is not much to write about until checking back in at UCSF for the transplant. Until then I will stay home away from people, rest, take my medication, drink lots of water, and if in pain take a Dilaudid.

For a change in my daily routine and entertainment I depend on my family and fiends to talk to me via FaceBook or Skype.

That’s it for today, it was not a bad day, hopefully tomorrow will be as good or better day.

One thought on “2017-09-03 Recovery Day 181

  1. Hey Klaus, you are on your way now! Hope that the days get better with each new sunrise. So glad that all went well at UCSF and hope that all future visits are just as good! xoxoxo

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