2017-09-04 Recovery Day 182

Getting up this morning was again a bit hard since the overnight temperatures still not dropped. After breakfast Dianne and I went for a walk before the heat came back. Returning from the walk my stomach pain showed back up lasting until noon. The rest of the morning I rested as ordered by my UCSF team. Since today’s temperature did drop more then forecasted, Dianne and I were able to walk much longer then yesterday.

There is not much more to write about. There are two routines my day can consist of, resting watching TV and trying to keep my body’s pain under control. The other routine is identical of the first with the addition of my family and fiends calling me to talk via FaceTime or Skype.

Today I had FaceTime calls from my cousin in Germany and brother-in-law from Canada. Further, being a non-working day my routine today included spending time with my wife and daughter, cutting down on TV watching and resting time and moments forgetting my pain.

That’s it for today, the day started with some pain but ended on the good side.