2017-09-05 Recovery Day 183

Getting up this morning was no problem since I was able to sleep in. After breakfast I had a Skype call with Francois. Since I expected a TV service person between 08 AM to noon, my morning walk had to wait. Shortly after my Skype call I was informed of the exact arrival time which allowed me to have my morning walk. Returning from my walk my stomach pain came back. I took a Zofran that helped the pain to stop shortly after.

At lunch Joe came for a lunching get-together to help me to go over my healthcare bills. At the same time the service repair person showed also up. Since he did not need me other then showing him what was where, my lunch with Joe was not disturbed. After Joe left I received a FaceTime call from Ray. We chatted for a bit until he had to leave. I rested for a bit until the TV service person left. Since the afternoon temperature was not to hot, like the previous few days, I went for another walk.

Since my back pain level had increased to an 8, I had to rest until dinner. However, shortly after dinner the pain came back, forcing me again to rest. I am not sure what happened today that my back pain did not want to go away.

That’s it for today, my wish for to tomorrow is that the pain level is much lover then today.