2017-09-06 Recovery Day 184

This morning started with a walk after breakfast. My plan for the day was to sort out what I need to take to the hospital next week. Before starting with that tasks I spend an hour on the phone with my TV, Mobile Phone and Internet provider. Actually the first 10 minutes were waiting and later another 10 minutes waiting as I was switched to another department. Shortly after having completed the call, I noticed that my ankles started to swell up. I retired to my recliner to have my legs up with ice on my ankles. It did not take long for my back pain level increased.

After having settled with my ankles and back pain pain, I got my FaceTime call with Ray, which helped me to forget about the pain for awhile. I skip lunch because my stomach pain came back. I took a Zofran that helped the pain to reduce the pain for a bit, but all afternoon the pain levels for my back and stomach were going up and down. As to my ankles, the swelling did not go down.

Just before Dianne was to come home from work, I decided regardless of the pain to go out for a short walk, which did help for a bit. To make a long story short, for the rest of the afternoon and evening the pain levels went up and down.

That’s it for today, I hope that the pains will go away when retiring to bed. I can only repeat my wish that tomorrow the pain levels will be much lover then today, if not gone.