2017-09-07 Recovery Day 185

The day did not start to well. It started early morning when with out warning I woke up and was overcome with the need to vomit. I stayed in bed until 8:30 at which time I got up wend downstairs and ate a slice of bread. After about 15 minutes I wend for my 30 minute morning walk. I started to feel better after the walk but needed to rest to lower my back pain again before watering the flowers in our backyard.

After watering I had my lunch before resting again not only to reduce my back pain again but also the swelling on my lower legs. Since returning from my stem cell collection my lower legs retain water. To reduce the swelling I have to rest with my legs propped up. After about an hour of rest I wend for my after lunch walk.

Returning from my walk I had a FaceTime call with Ray and afterwards my uncle Don. After resting again to reduce my pains I wend for another walking.

That’s it for today, I can only hope that the pains will go away after the stem cell transplant.