2017-09-08 Recovery Day 186

This morning was a repeat of yesterday. Like yesterday, shortly after getting up I was overcome with the need to vomit. I stayed in bed until 8:30 at which time I got up wend downstairs and ate a slice of bread. After resting for awhile I wend for my 30 minute morning walk. I started to feel better after the walk. I rested after the walk, however my stomach started to act up a bit.

I continued to rest instead of getting up to do some preparation work for my upcoming stay at UCSF. About 30 minutes before lunch I was overcome again with the need to vomit. Since Larry and Bill were to have lunch with me, I was not sure what to do since I was not able to contact them. Lucky, by the time the arrived my stomach had settled. I did however did not eat lunch. We had a good time sitting outside and chatting about many things.

Our lunch lasted two hours, which was a nice change from my daily routine. The rest of the afternoon I help Dianne a bit with house work. The movement help a bit as my back pain level dropped. For dinner I had half of a 12 inch pizza and a small salad. The rest of the evening was spend resting and watching TV before retiring for bed.

That’s it for today, I hope that tomorrow morning is not a repeat of the last two morning.