2017-09-09 Recovery Day 187

The good news, this morning was a not a repeat of the last two mornings. No urge to vomit after getting up. Being Saturday, we slept in a bit longer. For breakfast I played it save and only had two slice of toasted bread and a cup of hot chocolate. After resting for awhile Dianne and I wend for our 30 minute morning walk. I rested after the walk, before watering the flowers in our backyard garden. For the rest of the morning it was house cleaning time.

After lunch Dianne and I wend for drive doing some shopping. Since I am not allowed to be out in public because of my immune system is almost none existent, I wear a mask and stay a distant away from people, also I am not touching anything. I was good to be out of the house for a bit. Getting back home we did a bit more house work before having dinner.

The rest of the evening was spend resting and watching a movie before retiring for bed.

Treatment update: We were informed yesterday afternoon, that our admission date for the transplant has been moved from Monday to Tuesday because of no bed being available. There are a limited number of beds available to stem cell transplant patients. Because of the high demand UCSF uses all beds. They try their best to allocate beds in advance based on the patients under treatment. However, they can’t foresee that a patient needs to stay longer or an emergency came up. We were told that Tuesday should be safe for my admission. We will know by Monday.

For the last few days I have skipped taken a few times my breakthrough pain medication (Dilaudid). Today I was able to reduce taking Dilaudid from 4 to 1 pill as my pain level was around 5. This level is were for patients decide that the pain is low enough to be acceptable or not without the need for a pain reducing medication.

That’s it for today, I hope that tomorrow is as good as today, if not better.