2017-09-10 Recovery Day 188

Today was a good day, there is not much to write about. I woke up with minimum back pain that needed no medication. The last time I took breakthrough pain medication (Dilaudid) was yesterday at lunch, that is over 30+ hours.

The day turned out to be like most other days. After breakfast I wend for my walk, since it is Sunday, Dianne joint me. After the walk I rested before watching the Raiders play and beat the Titans 26 to 16. The game ended over an hour after lunch.

Normally I take a walk after lunch, however today was again a day with temperatures reaching 100F, I therefore stayed home. There is not much for me to do since I must stay away from contact with people, except family that lives with me. That means resting and watching TV.

That’s it for today, as I said at the start, there is not much to write. I hope that tomorrow is not as hot as today so that I spend some time outside in the backyard and as well can do my daily walks.