2017-09-11 Recovery Day 189

Today was another good day, like yesterday there is not much to write about. I continue to wake up with minimum back pain and have not taken any breakthrough pain medication (Dilaudid). After breakfast I wend for my walk and afterwards I watered the flowers in our backyard. The watering and walking raised my back’s pain level a bit, so I inside to rest for awhile.

Before I started to rest I called Ray for our FaceTime call. After the call I rested awhile, waiting to hear from UCSF about starting my stem cell translate. After lunch I wend for my next walk which. I had to cut short because of the high heat that had developed.

Getting back home my wife called me that she got word from UCSF: I am on the list for Tuesday, however I could be bumped. We are not to leave for the hospital in the morning, instead we need to call the hospital around 10:00 AM to check if I still on the list for Tuesday or not. If so, we can check in any time, no rush because of the distance.

The rest of the afternoon I had FaceTime calls with Paul, Kenji and Don. Between the calls I started to put my things together to take with me for the 3 weeks stay at the hospital.

That’s it for today, as I said at the start, there is not much to write. I hope that tomorrow is the day for me to check in at UCSF for the stem call transplant.