2017-09-13 Recovery Day 191

Yesterday step one of the stem cell transplant ended at midnight. Step two is today, it is a resting day. It started of good, I fell a sleep shortly after the chemo infusion that ended close to midnight. However, around 06:00 I started to shiver at the same all my pain locations started to hurt at a max pain level. First my assigned night nurse, then the charge nurse tried to figure out what had happen and how to get things under control.

I was given a heated blanked it was night but only kept me warm with no pain relief. The doctor on call was called. He checked me out and asked some questions about when and where I had all the pain location. I was connected to a EKG to make sure my heart is OK, which is was. Finally I got an explanation from the doctor. He explained that some times this very strong chemo finds all the location where other chemo sessions did there job and finds left overs it will destroy causing this high pain.

The pain lasted till around 8:00 when the pain level dropped a bit. I was visited by my support team that examine me again and concluded the same it is due to the chemo is causing it. My breakfast came, I tried eating but could not be cause my stomach would not allow it because of being very queazy.

Around 9:00 my primary stem cell doctor dropped by, I had to repeat every thing again. She too wanted the full story. Afterwards she did a short examination and concluded the finding of the doctor on call.

The rest of the day was resting to monitor the pain and lower the pain level with help of taken every three hours 8 mg of Dilaudid. That became my pattern until about 20:00. At this time the pain had lowered to a pain level around 5 to 6. I stared to doze of a number of times with the TV running. Close to midnight the night nurse cam by to take my vitals and checking me out again. She gave me a sleepy bill, which I hope will put me to sleep.

BTW, my stem cell transplant is scheduled for 11:00 tomorrow.