2017-09-15 Recovery Day 193

Day 1 of my Rebirth. It did not start on a good note, woke up with bad stomach cramping and pain, which lasted all day.

My primary UCSF doctor has been checking in every morning. She explained why the pain is concentrating on the stomach because of the stem cells doing their thing. Over time, around days 5-7, this will slow down as new White Blood Cells start growing again. BTW, it is not only the doctors, but all of the Staff which is very attentive and informative.

My appetite is fine, I am able to eat three times a day. If anything I need to learn to eat slower, small bites with time in between, this should help with the stomach pain.

Dianne arrived to stay for the weekend. We did some walks, but because of the stomach pain I skipped the shower.

That’s it for today. I am starting to doze off again.