2017-09-16 Recovery Day 194

I did not have a bad sleep, even with the nurse dropping by for vitals. My stomach cramps were low with a heat pack. I had breakfast around 8:30, however 30 minutes later my stomach pains and cramps came back. The nurse came by taking my vitals and given my arsenal of pills. Dianne and I went for our morning walk and afterwards I had a shower. Most of the day was spent to find a way to lower my stomach pains and cramps.

My Doctor came by and explained this might last up to 14 days. As they say here, it is what it is!

Before lunch I had my FT session with Ray. I ate lunch with Dianne and as before shortly afterwards my stomach problem came back. My daily routine for now is controlling my stomach problems with medication and eating small potions spread out a bit. I am told that this may last up to 7 to 8 days until my White Count is very low. At that time I will receive Neuprogen injections again which bone pain is a side effect.

That’s it for today. The nurse’s shift change is almost over which means time for more medication and vitals.