2017-09-21 Recovery Day 199

I ended my posting yesterday with:

The big test will be tonight. That’s it for today.

The answer, I had a good night. For starters I was able to fall a sleep after taking my last scheduled medication Ativan to address my nausea and vomiting. It also helps with trouble to go sleeping. I took the medication at 8:30 PM and had no problem sleeping 30 minutes later. I woke up around midnight, but was back to sleep a few minutes later. This repeated itself every hour or two. All I remember is that I was awake for a minute or two, looking at the clock before doing the same again an hour or two later. As to having stomach cramps or the urge to vomiting, no such urges. For now, after one day, it seems that the change in medication worked. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

As to what happen during the day, it was a good day. For most of it I did have some stomach activities, which were like repeating cycles of light cramps that lasted a few minutes. The pain was not high enough to take any pain killers. After Dianne arrived I was able to take my walks, as well as have a good shower.

There is not much more to write about. I had no problems with eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner. My blood counts are what is expected. Since my platelet count has dropped to 13, it may drop a bit more by tomorrow morning. If it drops below 10 I will need a transfusion to bring it up. In 3-4 days my White Blood Cell count should start rising again which is the start of watching the rest of the numbers in determine when to discharge me. This can take up to 3 to 7 days.

So for tomorrow, will there be a repeat of being able to sleep for most of the night and will my stomach stop cramping. That’s it for today.