2017-09-22 Recovery Day 200

I had no problems sleeping last night, I even slept in this morning. However, I was not myself, no energy. Instead my stomach pains and cramps were back. I was not having a good morning. The CBC data came in around 6:30 and as expected last night my platelets were super low at 6.0, all that was left was waiting for the platelets transfusion sometime this morning. As it turns out, the transfusion was given after breakfast and lasted less then 30 minutes.

Dianne arrived around 11:00 by which time I had recovered from this morning. After lunch the Doctor and his team came by to checkup on me. He sad that this pattern, low energy and stomach pains, with felling better as the day goes on, may repeat for two more days. After that my counts will improve to its normal ranges. He also feels that by weekend I should be released to go home.

The rest of the day was normal, have my shower go for walk, rest to lower my back pain, take my medication, vitals, etc. There is not much more to report for today. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.