2017-09-23 Recovery Day 201

Today was a good day almost a repeat of yesterday. Sleeping is not a problem, no appetite issues and my stomach issues are slowly going away, no real pains or cramps, just discomfort. The CBC data was almost identical to yesterday’s, except for the platelets that were still not above 10, so I got another platelets transfusion this morning.

After lunch the Doctor and his team came by for the standard checkup. He still feels that by weekend I will be discharged. There is not much more about today, the same routine as the last few days. Things are looking up, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

One thought on “2017-09-23 Recovery Day 201

  1. Klaus,

    So good to hear things are leveling out and, as you say, “things are looking up.” Since we are at the weekend, are your discharge this weekend, or next weekend? The fine tuning the doctors are doing is amazing. Your body acts like a chemical plant, one reaction after another. Keep up the good fight. We’re praying for you.


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